The Big Update - Weeks 41 + 42 + 43 + 44 (Beta builds finally arrived!)

With everything that has gone on over the last 4 weeks (which I suspect most following things already know about or it can worked out from the title of this update) I can only apologise that the blog didn’t get updated at the same time (it’s all been a bit hectic between WACUP work and un-related personal matters).

With this update I’m not going to cover everything as I’m not sure that’d be too interesting or even if I could do that from the notes I’ve made about things as I’ve gone on. If you just want a quick summary of things over these last few weeks then it’s best to have a look at the beta changelogs for the builds that have been provided so far to the beta testers (and due to some of the issues covered later in this post a build wasn’t released during this week).

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Blog Updates To Resume Next Week (w/c 21st Nov)

As some may have noticed there hasn’t been a blog post update for a few weeks which is all down to me being focused on fixing issues raised by those who’ve been doing beta testing (*) of the first two builds of WACUP over on the Community Forum.

So until blog post updates resume (which may be done in a slightly different style as well as day since I seem to be doing Friday beta build releases), you can follow some of the development, etc that is going on via Twitter, Facebook or on the Community Forum.


(*) You can still sign-up (or suggest to friends you know who might be interested) to help out beta testing by creating a community forum account and following the instructions during account registration.

Week 40

For those who’ve been following things, you’ll have seen that there’s been a few things going on during the last week as part of the prep work for the coming first WACUP beta. With all of that going on, there’s not been as much coding done as I’d have liked but there’s enough for me to ramble on about it for a while :) So onto what was done…

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Community Forum & Facebook Page Now Available

Want to help beta test my up-coming independent #winamp update project ?

You can now sign-up to be a beta tester in the community forum (links to this will be made more obvious over the rest of the site in the coming hours).

This is provided for everything relating to beta testing the up-coming WACUP betas (remember this is a completely independent project with no affiliation to Winamp or it’s owners) but it’s also open to general discussions about WACUP, Winamp and related tech in general.

Also for those who may prefer to keep a track of things via Facebook instead of trying to look at this blog for updates, there is now a Facebook page available which will mirror the content found here but may also provide a bit about what’s going on in-between the main blog updates.


Week 39

As it’s now turned Tuesday as I’m trying to start writing this weekly update, hopefully it’s not going to turn into the last update where it rolled on to become a combined one. So without messing around, lets get on with what was done and a bit about what is coming…

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Week 37 + 38

For those following my intermediate updates on twitter then you’ll already know some of the things that will be covered in this combined update (which was started on monday but things got in the way so I’ve decided to combine in week 38 as well since i’m not likely to do much else this weekend). So without holding you up any more, lets get on with the update for the last two weeks…

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