On Tuesday 20th December 2016 a legal complaint was received about the usage of this domain by the current owner of Winamp which required changes to be made within 15 days (i.e. by Wednesday 4th January 2017).

This request has been completed as of Saturday 31st December 2016 at what is a most inconvenient and stress inducing time of the year (to myself and my family) to carry out such a request. This is despite persons within the organisation who raised this complaint having known about the usage of this domain as a fan site for 11 months prior to the complaint being received (i.e. why hadn't it been raised much sooner in the usage of the domain...).
The end result is that all of the pre-patched Winamp 5.666 Build 3516 installers are no longer being provided due to it apparently causing too much confusion to users. All other content relating to the WACUP project and Winamp plug-ins which was also provided on this domain has since been moved to another domain.
So if you are looking for the pre-patched Winamp downloads then you will now have to carry out another web search using your browser of choice to find them at a different download site and either obtain the un-patched installer and manually patch it or try to find a copy of the pre-patched installer to save you time and further inconvenience.

As even more confusingly there are no direct downloads provided on the official Winamp web site (which this site had never claimed to be) and you are instead taken to a forum thread which after a bit of searching has download links to other external sites in-order to obtain the Winamp installer. It shall be left up to you to decide what is more confusing about how to obtain Winamp.